1. Horizontal Dough MixerThe agitating shaft is specially designed for the seal is separated from the bearing to prevent the dough from lubricating grease contamination once the seal is broken.
      The mixing propeller and the inner surface of the mixing tank in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel.
    1. Dough LaminatorIt adopts touch screen for easy control and all operations are recorded by computer providing reference for the later production. As it is jointly controlled together with the biscuit forming machine, production stability and continuity are well ensured.
      The dough laminator is comprised of three parts, namely sheet rolling, laminating and streusel topping parts.
    1. Rotary CutterThis product has a pneumatic lifting rubber roller which is easy and convenient for operation.
      The pressure between the rubber roller and biscuit moulds is adjustable. Identical pressure on both roller ends makes for even cutting of dough sheets.
    1. Gas Fired OvenThis product adopts the three-section burner and the skewed fire is adjustable. The maximum temperature inside the product reaches up to 380°C, and the baked biscuits are very appealing in color, smell and taste. Besides, this product features low maintenance cost, no pollution, septuple protection system and high safety performance.
    1. Electric OvenThis product takes the electricity as the heat source and transforms the electric energy into the heat energy through the electrical heated tube so as to achieve biscuit baking. Such a baking mode is more hygienic, and more applicable for various kinds of biscuits. Also, the baking quality is extremely superb.
    1. Biscuit StackerThe star wheel is designed with a structure available in adjusting in a variety of ways from top to bottom and back to front, thus fitting the production of various kinds of biscuits.
      Thanks to the equipped biscuit catching table, the biscuits can be rapidly, uniformly and exactly delivered to the stacking machine.