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Horizontal Dough Mixer

Overall Descriptions
The horizontal dough mixer is used for dough mixing, and after a series of processes as kneading, calendaring and folding, the dough will come with desirable elasticity, toughness and extensibility. This product is suitable for manufacturing both sea biscuits and crispy biscuits.

1. The agitating shaft is specially designed for the seal is separated from the bearing to prevent the dough from lubricating grease contamination once the seal is broken.
2. The mixing propeller and the inner surface of the mixing tank in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel.
3. The heat-transfer dually jacketed mixing tank can effectively retain the dough at a stable temperature, thus improving the dough quality.
4. The feeding space is reserved to realize automatic feeding.
5. The horizontal dough mixer is also configured with an automatic temperature measuring device.
6. The motor is designed with soft start mode to avoid excessive transient current.
7. The mixing tank mechanically rolls over via gear transmission.

Structure Chart for HM-850

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