Rotary Cutter

The rotary cutter is the forming equipment for making hard or soda biscuits. The biscuit is formed after the dough sheet is processed by this product, and the scrap dough will be returned to the feeding hole with the aids of segregator and recycling system.

1. This product has a pneumatic lifting rubber roller which is easy and convenient for operation.
2. The pressure between the rubber roller and biscuit moulds is adjustable. Identical pressure on both roller ends makes for even cutting of dough sheets.
3. The embossing roller and the cutting roller can be manually fine adjusted so that cutting and embossing can exactly be aligned and self-locked, thus improving the quality of finished products.
4. Weight of the rotary cutter: 2.2T
5. Power: 7.65 KW
6. Total numbers of biscuit moulds: 2 sets

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