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Rotary Moulder

The rotary moulder is the dedicated device for making crisp biscuits. The pre-rolled dough processed by the roll sheeter will come into this product for rolling and forming.

1. The units can be controlled separately or integrally.
2. It is designed with a LCD touch screen and the human-computer interface.
3. The straight slots in both radial and transverse directions of the feed roller make for sufficient feeding.
4. The clearance between the feed roller and the biscuit moulds is adjustable.
5. The rubber roller can be adjusted with single side or double sides to maximally decrease the deviation of biscuit weight between lines.
6. The linear speed of the conveyor belt of the mould is identical with that of the demoulding rubber roller, which greatly reduces biscuit deformation.

1. Weight: 2.2T
2. Motor power: 7.0KW
3. Speed: 9-16m/min. (when the oven is 60m and the frequency is 30-50Hz)

Related Names
Dough Moulder | Crisp Biscuit Former | Biscuit Production Equipment

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