Electric Oven

The electric oven bakes biscuits via transforming the electric energy into the heat energy, and it mainly incorporates the operation system, baking unit, electric elements and the auxiliary mechanisms.

1. Operation System
This operation system realizes automatic control with the high accuracy of ±1°C, and possesses the merits as simple operation, freedom from multi-gear manual control, etc.

2. Baking Unit
a. This product takes the electricity as the heat source and transforms the electric energy into the heat energy through the electrical heated tube so as to achieve biscuit baking. Such a baking mode is more hygienic, and more applicable for various kinds of biscuits. Also, the baking quality is extremely superb.
b. The interior plate of the electric oven is coated with the organosilicon heat-resistant lacquer that can stand up to a high temperature of 400°C.
c. The configured band cleaning machine always keeps the oven band clean to prolong the service life of the band.

3. Electric Elements
a. We adopt the national-standard electric wire which passes through the spacer axis and looks safer and more aesthetics.
b. The automatic temperature control system exerts its stunning functions. When the temperature doesn’t reach the set value, the electric heated tube works without stop, and when the temperature rises and reaches the set value, the electric heated tube will work intermittently. Hence, the heat produced by the electric heated tube can rightly meet the production requirement, achieving the goal of constant temperature production.

4. Auxiliary Mechanisms
a. Each temperature zone of the electric oven is provided with an independent exhaust fan to force the hot air flow to transfer the heat so that the furnace temperature is more uniform. The revolving speed of the exhaust fan is controlled by the frequency converter.
b. The specially designed adjusting plate is mounted at each temperature zone for arbitrarily adjusting the exhaust volume.
c. The band preheating device is configured to prevent the bonding of biscuits and the oven band.
d. The control panel is made of the stainless steel with clean and artistic appearance.

General Parameters
1. Total power: 1100KW
2. Oven band speed: 8-22m/min.
3. Heat insulating material: Imported rock wool
4. Volume weight: 80kg/m3

Parameters for Specific Models
Model W1 (mm) W2 (mm) Standard length (m) Installed power (KW/h) Temperature zone quantity Production capacity (kg/h)
HF600 1660 660 46 520 3 550
HF800 1860 860 50 680 3 750
HF1000 2060 1060 60 980 4 1100
HF1200 2260 1260 60-80 1180 4 1100

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