Oil Spray Unit

The oil spray unit is used to spray the oil to the baked biscuits so that the biscuits can possess desirable color and flavor. The high-speed revolving disc swings the oil into the oil mist and thereby the oil can be uniformly sprayed. Then, we adopt the oil filter to filtrate and recycle the excess oil on biscuits.

1. This product is completely made of the stainless steel, coming with a stainless steel wire mesh band.
2. The oil sump tank is heated via interlayer water bath. The inside multi-layer filter mesh keeps the stable quality of oil.
3. A cleaning pipe is mounted onto the lower part of the oil spray unit. It utilizes the oil (water) to flush the oil tank, perfectly solving the problem of cleaning the interior of this product.
4. Thanks to the slant base plate at the lower part of this product, the oil and biscuit residues can rapidly slide down to the oil sump tank for convenient cleaning.
5. Variable frequency control is applied to adjust the revolving speed of oil disc, thus the sprayed oil amount can be freely controlled and the oil spraying is uniform.
6. There are 12 oil discs in total.

Model A (mm) B (mm) W (mm) Power (KW) Weight (T)
HF600 1060 940 780 1.5 0.8
HF800 1240 1120 860 1.5 0.8
HF1000 1400 1320 1060 3.0 0.9
HF1200 1640 1580 1260 3.0 0.9
Structure Chart of Two Product Types
Swinging disc type
Oil filter, nozzle type

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