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Biscuit Stacker

The biscuits are conveyed by the cooling conveyor to the biscuit stacker, due to the star wheel device of which, the biscuits automatically form an edge-on stacking in the channel. After that, the biscuits are delivered to the packaging table for arrangement and final packaging.

1. The star wheel is designed with a structure available in adjusting in a variety of ways from top to bottom and back to front, thus fitting the production of various kinds of biscuits.
2. Thanks to the equipped biscuit catching table, the biscuits can be rapidly, uniformly and exactly delivered to the stacking machine.
3. The guide bar made of the stainless steel functions as a magnetism locator and can rapidly adjust the clearance.
4. The sliding plate of this biscuit stacker is designed with an arc end preventing the slipping biscuits from welter because of collision.

Model W1 (mm) W2 (mm) Power (KW) Weight (T)
HF600 1340 820 1.2 0.5
HF800 1540 1000 1.2 0.5
HF1000 1740 1200 1.9 0.6
HF1200 1940 1400 1.9 0.7

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