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Cooling Conveyor

The cooling conveyor is used for normal cooling conveying of biscuits.

1. It is made of stainless steel square tubes and possesses the merits like high intensity, simple and compact structure, light and exquisite main body as well as convenient installation and dismantlement.
2. As the baffle is designed with rhombic stand bars, this product is easy for cleaning without less dust accumulation.
3. Configured with toothed bars, the pneumatic tensioning conveyer belt enables synchronic actions on both sides as well as automatic position adjustment. 4. Each conveyer belt comes with two devices for auto skew adjustment.
5. The mechanism preventing biscuit welter is configured.
6. According to the specific site conditions, the cooling conveyor cooperated with the 90 or 180 degrees bending machine is available in the following delivering modes:
a. Linear mode
b. Z mode
c. Dual-bending-machine mode

Model W1 (mm) W2 (mm)
HF600 990 700
HF800 1190 900
HF1000 1390 1100
HF1200 1590 1300

Note: R=1800/2400mm

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