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Other Biscuit Machines

1. Wire Cutting Machine for Making Cookies

The wire cutting machine is a kind of high-end processing equipment used for making cookies. The complete production line for cookie manufacturing includes the dough mixer, wire cutting machine, baking oven, oven drive and tension with steel band, stripping machine, cooling conveyor, pacing conveyor, etc.

2. Sesame Sprinkler

The sesame sprinkler is applied to the biscuits requiring sesame sprinkling. It is a kind of accessory equipment installed on the forming machine. Usually, the dough sheet should be rolled for three times and this machine will perform the fourth rolling after sprinkling the sesame onto the dough sheet. Thus, the sesame binding on the biscuits won’t readily come off.

3. Vacuum Salt and Sugar Suction Machine

This equipment is specially designed for high-end customers, and has high requirements for the production line. The salt or sugar sprinkled on the biscuit surface is easily spattered onto other machines, leading to machine corrosion. This equipment availably sucks all the salt or the sugar spattered on machines and thereby keeps machines tidy and clean.

4. Bending Machine

This product is available in 90 degrees type and 180 degrees type. Based on the specific requirements of customers or the limitations of factory, the biscuit production line is not suggested to be designed into linear type or Z type, but should be provided with turn design.

The bending machine changes the cooling conveying directions of baked biscuits and makes the utmost of the factory space, providing sufficient time for biscuit cooling. When the direction is changed, it also ensures orderly biscuit arrangement. What should note is that applying multiple bending machines to one production line may lead to untidy biscuit stacking.

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