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Vertical Dough Mixer

The vertical dough mixer is equipped with a detachable tank that can be applied for dough fermentation. It is much welcomed by customers by virtue of large dough storage quantity and high production capability. You can use it for manufacturing sea biscuits and crisp biscuits, and it especially fits dough fermentation for soda cracker production.

In addition, the vertical dough mixer can manufacture various kinds of biscuits and also enables repeated dough fermentation once needed.

Model Dough weight (kg) Low-speed revolution (RPM) High-speed revolution (RPM) Power (KW) Weight (T)
HM-300 300 16 25 24/36 5.9
HM-400 400 28 56 42/55 5.5
HM-650 650 28 56 50/75 6.5
HM-850 850 28 56 60/90 8.0
Structure Chart for HM-300

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