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Biscuit Forming Machine

The biscuit forming machine, used for dough sheet rolling and molding in the biscuit production, incorporates the roll feeder, gauge rolls, transition device, rotary cutter, segregator, scrap recycling machine, roll coater, salt and sugar sprinkler, bracket for oven feeding as well as other units. It can manufacture products like crackers and hard biscuits, and with the aid of dough laminator, it also enables the production of soda biscuits.

1. With a tower structure, this product comes with an outer cover and a shutter made of the stainless steel as well as the beveled-edge upper surface. It is completely coincident with international food hygiene standards.
2. The biscuit forming machine is designed with a touch screen operation interface and controlled by PLC system which realizes precise speed control. All the data (as revolving speed of motor, linear speed of rollers and conveyors, dough sheet thickness) realize real-time monitoring as well as recording and filing, providing convenience for safe and rapid production.
3. Each unit can be individually controlled or a joint control for all units is practicable.
4. The pneumatic tensioning device is capable of automatically adjusting the tightness of conveyer belts.
5. This product is equipped with remote modules so that we can help customers to solve problems through the Ethernet. The condition is that there should be the Ethernet and the router supporting VPN function on the sport.

Structure Chart
Model W1 (mm) W2 (mm) W3 (mm) W4 (mm) W5 (mm)
HF600 1550 900 660 1450 1640
HF800 1750 1100 860 1650 1840
HF1000 1950 1300 1060 1850 2040
HF1200 2160 1500 1260 2050 2240

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