Roll Sheeter

The roll sheeter is used to perform pre-rolling for the dough or dough sheet so that the dough sheet with appropriate thickness can be achieved. Next, the dough sheet will be conveyed to the gauge roll for further processing.

Main Features
1. It adopts the frequency control of motor speed and applies the Britain P&G displacement sensor to detect the dough sheet thickness. When the thickness should be adjusted, the operator should only input the desired thickness data on the touch screen, the adjusting motor will automatically and precisely adjust the thickness according to the input data.
2. The diameter of the roller is 400mm. The protecting edge is installed on the top roller, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of dough sheet slitting. Besides, the roller interior of this roll sheeter is padded with white food grade, non-toxic nylon ring for fear of dough sheet contamination.

Main Parameters
1. Weight: 4.0T
2. Power: Roller 1.1KW, rubber roller 0.12KW
3. Speed: 1.2-1.9m/min. (Presume that the oven is 60m and the frequency is 30-50Hz.)

Related Names
Flour Rolling Machine | Dough Flattener | Biscuit Making Machine

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