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Gauge Rolls

The gauge roll enables 3 times dough sheet rolling, making the dough sheet more thinner. Meanwhile, its release mechanism producing uniform ripple eliminates the residual internal stress of the dough sheet, thus the dough sheet can totally meet up with the standard for biscuit production.

1. This product applies the variable frequency speed regulation technique, and utilizes the Britain P&G displacement sensor for detection of dough sheet thickness. Once customers want to change the thickness, they only need to input the desired thickness data on the touch screen, and then the adjustment motor will automatically adjust the thickness data in line with the input data.
2. It comes with a PLC centralized control system and a touch display screen for easy operation.
3. With a diameter of 300mm, the rollers of the gauge roll is made from the chilled cast iron and the top roller is configured with protecting edges in case of dough sheet shredding. Besides, a white food grade non-toxic nylon ring is padded into the roller interior for fear of dough contamination.

1. Weight: 2.4T/set
2. Power: 13.5KW
3. Speed of the third-time rolling: 11-22m/min. (on condition that the oven is 60m and the frequency is 30-50Hz)

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