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Conveyor before Baking Oven

The conveyor before baking oven is used to convey the formed biscuits to the oven band.

Main Features
1. The lifting of discharging cutting board can be adjusted to avoid the conveyor from the damage of heated oven band in non-operating state.
2. The rack can swing as a whole to realize the tracking of band, so the biscuits can fall in the middle of the oven band.
3. The conveyor before baking oven is provided with a stainless steel outer cover, a stainless steel supporting plate and a PU belt.
4. Motor power: 2.2KW
5. Conveying speed: 12-22m/min. (when the oven is 60m and the frequency is 30-50Hz)
6. Weight: 0.7T

Related Names
Biscuit Conveying Machine | Stainless Steel Conveyor | Food Handling Conveyor

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