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Egg Roll Machine

As its name indicates, the egg roll machine is a new-type machine used for manufacturing egg rolls in various shapes and types, such as the single-color type, dual-color type, hollow type, sandwich type with cream, peanut butter, strawberry and chocolate, etc. As adopting the gas heating mode, it makes crispy egg rolls with uniform puffing degree.

1. It adopts electric-eye tracking and cutting technique for egg rolls production and the length of egg rolls are adjustable. For the egg rolls with large diameter, it will apply the special electric rotary knife to ensure a neat cut. The minimum inner diameter of egg rolls is 7mm and the maximum reaches up to 26mm.
2. This egg roll machine is mainly comprised of the pulping machine, sandwiching machine, baking and forming machine, cooling conveyor and the electric control system.
3. All the production procedures are controlled by frequency conversion for speed regulation, which is not subject to voltage changes. Hence, synchronic production and stable rolling degree are well ensured.
4. We utilize the natural gas or the LPG for direct heating and product baking, which is environmental friendly.
5. The flour paste injection unit is designed with cooling function to ensure the products have a smooth and delicate appearance.
6. The microcomputer automatically controls the temperature to stabilize the production temperature and save the energy.
7. The egg roll machine comes with a safety alarm device that enables multipoint gas detection. Once the gas leakage is found, this device will automatically cut off gas supply system to eliminate potential safety hazard.
8. With a compact structure, this product features small noise, no pollution and high automaticity. All the materials we use for producing it meet up to hygiene standards. Besides, one operator can simultaneously manipulate 3 to 5 sets of this egg roll machine.
9. The egg roll length differs from 10mm to 300mm.
10. This product can manufacture 70-90 pieces of egg rolls with 10mm diameter and 100mm length in each minute.

Optional Product
We also provides the wafer biscuit machine which is comprised of the following parts:
1. Automatic baking machine with automatic ignition function
2. Syrup mixer with two pumps and a complete set of connectors
3. Cream mixer with two pumps and a complete set of connectors
4. Bracket of mixer and pumps
5. 3 meters long PVC cooling conveyor
6. Control panel
7. Chimney
8. A set of spare parts

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