1. Horizontal Dough MixerThe agitating shaft is specially designed for the seal is separated from the bearing to prevent the dough from lubricating grease contamination once the seal is broken.
      The mixing propeller and the inner surface of the mixing tank in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel.
    1. Vertical Dough MixerThe vertical dough mixer is equipped with a detachable tank that can be applied for dough fermentation. It is much welcomed by customers by virtue of large dough storage quantity and high production capability. You can use it for manufacturing sea biscuits and crisp biscuits, and it especially fits dough fermentation for soda cracker production.
    1. Dough LaminatorIt adopts touch screen for easy control and all operations are recorded by computer providing reference for the later production. As it is jointly controlled together with the biscuit forming machine, production stability and continuity are well ensured.
      The dough laminator is comprised of three parts, namely sheet rolling, laminating and streusel topping parts.
    1. Biscuit Forming MachineWith a tower structure, this product comes with an outer cover and a shutter made of the stainless steel as well as the beveled-edge upper surface. It is completely coincident with international food hygiene standards.
      The biscuit forming machine is designed with a touch screen operation interface and controlled
    1. Roll SheeterIt adopts the frequency control of motor speed and applies the Britain P&G displacement sensor to detect the dough sheet thickness. When the thickness should be adjusted, the operator should only input the desired thickness data on the touch screen, the adjusting motor will automatically and precisely adjust the thickness according to the input data.
    1. Gauge RollsThis product applies the variable frequency speed regulation technique, and utilizes the Britain P&G displacement sensor for detection of dough sheet thickness. Once customers want to change the thickness, they only need to input the desired thickness data on the touch screen, and then the adjustment motor will automatically adjust the thickness data in line with the input data.
    1. Salt/Sugar SprinklerUnder the circumstance that the conveyor runs slowly (110mm/min.) and rollers run rapidly, the salt and sugar sprinkling is more even.
      The front baffle is configured with a heating unit to ensure that the baffle is dry and free from sugar.
    1. Conveyor before Baking OvenThe lifting of discharging cutting board can be adjusted to avoid the conveyor from the damage of heated oven band in non-operating state.
      The rack can swing as a whole to realize the tracking of band, so the biscuits can fall in the middle of the oven band.
    1. Driving System for Oven BandThe driving system for oven band is designed to stably delivering the produced biscuits in the baking oven.
    1. Rotary CutterThis product has a pneumatic lifting rubber roller which is easy and convenient for operation.
      The pressure between the rubber roller and biscuit moulds is adjustable. Identical pressure on both roller ends makes for even cutting of dough sheets.
    1. Rotary MoulderIt is designed with a LCD touch screen and the human-computer interface.
      The straight slots in both radial and transverse directions of the feed roller make for sufficient feeding.
      The clearance between the feed roller and the biscuit moulds is adjustable.
    1. Gas Fired OvenThis product adopts the three-section burner and the skewed fire is adjustable. The maximum temperature inside the product reaches up to 380°C, and the baked biscuits are very appealing in color, smell and taste. Besides, this product features low maintenance cost, no pollution, septuple protection system and high safety performance.
    1. Electric OvenThis product takes the electricity as the heat source and transforms the electric energy into the heat energy through the electrical heated tube so as to achieve biscuit baking. Such a baking mode is more hygienic, and more applicable for various kinds of biscuits. Also, the baking quality is extremely superb.
    1. Oil Spray UnitThanks to the slant base plate at the lower part of this product, the oil and biscuit residues can rapidly slide down to the oil sump tank for convenient cleaning.
      Variable frequency control is applied to adjust the revolving speed of oil disc, thus the sprayed oil amount can be freely controlled and the oil spraying is uniform.
    1. Biscuit StackerThe star wheel is designed with a structure available in adjusting in a variety of ways from top to bottom and back to front, thus fitting the production of various kinds of biscuits.
      Thanks to the equipped biscuit catching table, the biscuits can be rapidly, uniformly and exactly delivered to the stacking machine.
    1. Dough FeederThe dumper, elevator, dough cutting machine and the overhead conveying device constitute the dough feeder. These machines can be singly or cooperatively used based on the specific site conditions, feeding materials to the biscuit forming machine. Here are some basic feeding schemes for your information.
    1. Cooling ConveyorIt is made of stainless steel square tubes and possesses the merits like high intensity, simple and compact structure, light and exquisite main body as well as convenient installation and dismantlement.
      As the baffle is designed with rhombic stand bars, this product is easy for cleaning without less dust accumulation.
    1. Other Biscuit MachinesIt is a kind of accessory equipment installed on the forming machine. Usually, the dough sheet should be rolled for three times and this machine will perform the fourth rolling after sprinkling the sesame onto the dough sheet. Thus, the sesame binding on the biscuits won’t readily come off.
  • Egg Roll MachineIt adopts electric-eye tracking and cutting technique for egg rolls production and the length of egg rolls are adjustable. For the egg rolls with large diameter, it will apply the special electric rotary knife to ensure a neat cut. The minimum inner diameter of egg rolls is 7mm and the maximum reaches up to 26mm.