About Us

A favorite snack of children and adults alike, biscuits have been around since baking was first documented. In the modern-day era, HONGFU combines technology with tried-and-true recipes to bring you the same baked goodness, en masse. As one of the largest manufacturers in mainland China, we are entirely committed to the development and assembly of pastry making equipment such as the egg roll machine and the biscuit production line. The flexible nature of the production line allows it to be completely customized according to client specifications, e.g., production capacity and factory floor area/accommodations.

Included in our biscuit production line are popular selections such as the horizontal dough mixer, dough laminator, roll sheeter, rotary cutter, gas fired oven, cooling conveyor, egg roll machine, and biscuit forming machine. The aforementioned equipment can be purchased as a set or a standalone unit. Renowned in the domestic industry, the HONGFU brand is gradually gaining momentum on international markets in countries including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bengal, Burma, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Kenya, South Africa, etc.

Incorporated in 1995, we have since assembled and installed complete sets of production lines for major food companies nationwide. We firmly believe in the correlation between product integrity and brand credibility. Built with integrated mechanical-electrical control technology for automated operation, the stability of HONGFU equipment is ensured with standardized raw materials and strict manufacturing techniques. Our electric automation components are procured from well-known international brands to guarantee dependability and continuity. By combining sincere presale and after-sale services with outstanding machine quality and performance, we have garnered the trust of customers everywhere.

Our solid technological foundation is the accumulative result of nearly 2 decades of hard work and perseverance. Experience derived expertise allowed us to independently develop the direct-fired gas biscuit oven, which was unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2001. In the April of 2002, this innovative product was successfully launched onto the market. Pollution-free and capable of reaching great temperatures in short intervals, the gas biscuit oven comes with many excellent features including energy efficiency, high safety rating, intuitive operation, easy maintenance, and minimal standby time.

Conveyed cookies are evenly treated by bottom and topside flames. The oven is divided into 3 to 5 segments, all of which may be calibrated with different temperatures for the yield of outstanding biscuit color, fragrance, and texture. These advantages are highly sought after by prospective customers both at home and abroad. Already, we have installed direct-fired gas biscuit oven equipped production lines in regions of China as well as countries including Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The implementation of these production lines has resulted in immediate economical benefits for their respective owners, earning critical acclaim.