Our biscuit production line is a notable patented product developed by means of absorbing advanced domestic and overseas technologies and combining the specific conditions of domestic flour and auxiliary materials. It is heated by electrical heating with recirculation furnace.

In 1997, it was the first production line to adopt the frequency conversion technique for speed control with the deviation of less than ±1%, thus ensuring high-quality craftsmanship, reducing energy consumption and saving 30% energy. All of its units can be singly or jointly controlled. Meanwhile, this product is configured with the automatic skew adjustment and the microcomputer which automatically records various kinds of process conditions to ensure smooth production.

This biscuit production line is also equipped with a two speed vertical dough mixer satisfying the craftsmanship of both crisp and hard biscuits. Its vertical dough laminator with large inertia force is suitable for making hard biscuits and capable of streusel topping, streusel sandwiching and powder sprinkling. The roller for dough sheet rolling is made from special materials via centrifugal casting and its hardness reaches HR56-58. Also, this roller is more reliable than that made from seamless steel tubes and the dough sheet can be rolled uniformly.

The baking oven is heated by forced heated air circulation and the heat distribution in each temperature zone is very beneficial to biscuit baking because of uniform heat transfer and high heat utilization. The insulating layer of the oven is made from the imported high-grade insulating material, and features low energy consumption and small heat dissipation. Thanks to the above merits, the baked biscuits possess uniform color.

After the evaluation of food machinery product quality supervision and testing center of national ministry of machine building, this superior biscuit production line totally conforms to national and industrial standards, and has obtained the national patent for invention (Patent NO. is ZL96119126.0.) as well as high market competitiveness.

Besides, this product is recognized as a worldwide leading product with incomparable technical merits by the experts participating in the appraising meeting organized by Guangdong Provincial Committee of Science and Technology, China Food Machinery Association and China Packaging Machinery Association. After this identification result is approved by the national competent departments, this product is ranked as the high-grade biscuit production line in lieu of imported ones. As a main renowned product of Hongfu, it is always praised and trusted by domestic and overseas customers.