Presale Service
1. We make a survey of your plant area (like plant length and width), greening condition, plant location, etc. It would be better if you can send us your plant photos.
2. We will be very clear about the biscuit variety as required and the proportion of the flour and the cooking oil.
3. We will ask you about the requirements for the output of the biscuit production line.
4. It is our obligation to know the investment environment and the staffing of your plant.
5. We will also be aware of other situations about your plant for better cooperation.
6. Our biscuit production line is a kind of non-standard product with wonderful flexibility. We will figure out a suitable design scheme according to your specific requirements and the conditions of plant area and output to reasonably allocate resources. At present, this product ranges from 400mm to 1200mm specification can be provided, among which 560mm, 620mm, 800mm and 1200mm are the most favorable specifications. The 1500mm line is in development.

Service During the Sale
1. After confirming cooperation intention, we will adjust the configuration of production line according to the specific requirements of customers, including the aspects as the oven length, local logistics condition, labor quantity allocated for the production line by clients, whether the product need to be designed with turn or gradient, etc.
2. We adopt the waterproof asphalt paper together with a baseboard made of wood batten for product packaging. Generally, the hexahedral wood batten won’t be used to save the packaging cost. Meanwhile, we will take photos of the packaging details for recording.
3. The ocean shipping is our usual practice.
4. We assign professional technicians for on-site installation or debugging for free. But, the round-trip ticket, transportation fee, board and lodging expenses as well as other fees should be on your account. You should also be responsible for the safety of our technicians.

After-Sale Service
1. We promise a 1-year quality warranty since your purchasing and a lifetime repair guarantee. Considering the service condition of the production line, we will also offer relevant quick-wear parts.
2. For frequently asked questions, please timely contact us by phone or email and we will offer remote helps for you. Surely, we can assign engineers for on-site service if necessary.